What is the best outdoor landscape lighting

What Is The Best Outdoor Landscape Lighting?


Outdoor lighting provides an opportunity to expand the ambiance of a home beyond its walls. With its enhancement of a natural setting and the vibrant energy of a home, it highlights aesthetic aspects that may go unnoticed. The architectural details of a house can present attractive accents that deserve attention. Unique features can become focal points as a garden, a special tree, a pool or hardscape create a rewarding visual experience. Outdoor lighting directs attention to deserving elements with grace and elegance.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Lighting Brands for a Distinctive Difference

Our experience shows that the best outdoor landscape lighting results from choosing the highest quality products. Brands that perform well in Washington include Unique Lighting Systems, Kichler Landscape Lighting and FX Luminaire, producing the finest American-made products. The elegance they bring to a landscape makes them worthy choices for consideration. 

In addition, the safety and security they offer can provide peace of mind for discerning owners. The enjoyment of moving around outdoors after dark increases with the assurance of safe footing on paths and walkways. Lighting that makes steps and stairs easy to negotiate helps everyone feel secure in an outdoor environment. Illumination that deters intruders can present an attractive appearance while keeping homes safe with stylish outdoor fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Selecting a Material for Durability, Style and Elegance 

Part of the joy of incorporating outdoor lighting into a home’s landscape comes from choosing a material that provides aesthetic satisfaction. Copper, stainless steel and brass can withstand wet weather and stand up to salt spray and UV rays. Over time, their appearance may change and become even more lustrous and rich.

• Brass

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass brings a pleasing aesthetic value to landscape lighting. An excellent choice for coastal areas, it may develop a lovely patina over time, and it does not corrode. The high-quality metal enhances the beauty of a well-appointed yard.

• Copper

The beauty and durability of copper enhances the elegance of an outdoor setting with accent lighting. Time and exposure to the elements allows it to assume a darker color and patina that increases its relevance in a landscape. Its timeless beauty carries a tradition of value starting with its use thousands of years BC. A distinctive metal that becomes more beautiful with age, copper fixtures in an outdoor setting gives a home a welcoming ambiance.

• Stainless Steel

A preference for a modern or contemporary style can make stainless steel outdoor lighting an excellent choice. As it faces the sun, it reflects a clean, modern look. Highly durable and rust-resistant, stainless fixtures can withstand temperature extremes, resist impact and not corrode. Neither rain nor snow, sleet nor frost affect the metal that expresses aesthetic preferences.

Choosing Kichler’s Excellence for Outdoor Lighting 

The pride that Kichler takes in landscape illumination reflects the respect it holds for the work and dedication of owners to make residences beautiful. Quality outdoor lighting systems enhance the beauty of a home’s landscape and exterior after dark, assuring safety and a sense of well-being. Founded in 1938 in Ohio, Kichler has become a top name in the outdoor lighting industry.

Kichler offers owners high quality landscape lighting that provides a long-term investment in elegance, safety and enjoyment. Warm white light can create a glow that enhances landscape features and focal points. Carefully chosen annuals and perennials deserve a light that reveals their true colors, welcoming family and friends to stroll by. Lighting that beams on plants, specimen trees and elegant facades becomes a home’s signature.

Kichler provides a uniquely appropriate light source for any area in a landscape. With emphasis on a deck, pond, patio or hardscape, classically designed models give landscapes the special touch that makes the viewing experience memorable. Exceptional testing practices ensure the long-lasting performance of fixtures and bulbs. Every Kichler fixture carries a warranty for its unmatched performance. 

Selecting FX Luminaire for Superior Design

A landscape contractor in San Diego who wanted better quality lighting fixtures for outdoor installations founded FX Luminaire in 1989 to produce them. The company’s reputation for producing high-quality products continues to build on its commitment to innovative design concepts. Leading with next-generation technology in lighting control, inspired designs, efficiency and high-performing materials, FX Luminaire transforms and beautifies landscapes.

As part of Hunter Industries since 2009, the company continues to expand its worldwide reach with a superior customer support system. FX Luminaire designs provide owners with high quality and efficient performance with low-voltage lighting that enhances the beauty of each area of a landscape. 

Owners can increase the texture and contrast in outdoor living areas with up lights. Similarly, path lights surround the outer edges of landscapes and demarcate paths and walkways. An interesting variety of materials provides a range of choices that emphasize focal points with grace and charm. Down lights serve to illuminate areas that friends and family enjoy using. Accentuation of a table or chairs can appear as gracefully as moonlight on a summer eve.

Specialty lights offer options for areas that require either direct or subtle illumination for unique purposes. Boundary lights can gracefully accentuate property lines, expanding the outdoor living area to new dimensions. Shrubs or fences that indicate boundaries can become focal points with lights that show their beauty and accomplish several purposes. As a welcome to first-time visitors or a familiar landmark to family and friends, the lighting of a boundary establishes a sense of coming home to a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Preferring Unique Lighting Systems for Innovation

With more than 25 years in business and the design of an innovative lighting system, Unique Lighting Systems has become a leader in the outdoor lighting industry. Low-voltage lighting projects save money and provide durable efficiency. Based in California, the company has established a position as a leader in lighting systems. Unique concepts and innovative designs contribute to the company’s leadership in solutions that save owners time and expense.

Top-quality products and accessories production established Unique Lighting Systems as one of the best providers of landscape lighting. Featuring a line that includes down lights, up lights, area lights, well lights, hardscape lights, water lights and niche lights, owners have a variety of fixtures to accent landscapes of all sizes and complexities. The range of fixtures in the product line allows owners to select the most appropriate and efficient lighting system.

Landscape fixtures in favorite materials and finishes provide choices of solid copper or brass, antique brass and stainless steel. Every landscape can receive an enhancement with the addition of a well-designed lighting system. For illuminating paths or walkways, gardens, pools or ponds, architectural features or focusing on a tree, the appropriate fixture can transform a landscape. Owners can discover the magic that the ambiance of an outdoor lighting system can provide.

Landscape lighting

Choosing the Best Landscape Lighting System

We recommend outdoor lighting installations that provide visual access to areas of a landscape that often go unnoticed. The expansion of views of front or back yards can amaze and delight owners whose lawns remain concealed from view except during daylight hours. We delight in providing innovative lighting systems that make yards look larger and more intriguing. Outdoor landscape lighting can draw attention to any area that seems appealing to an owner. Sharing an expanded view of the outdoors can encourage friends and family to enjoy the ambiance of a casual lifestyle outside the house.

At Washington Outdoor Lighting, we honor a commitment to make each client’s landscape a masterpiece of elegance, tranquility and safety. We honor your style, preferences, needs and vision. Our “Design First” philosophy allows us to meet your needs with understanding and clarity. We understand that you want the best landscape lighting products, and we can design a system that complements your yard beautifully.

Our process begins with an initial consultation that lets us learn about your dream of a perfectly illuminated landscape. Throughout the design and proposal phase, we continue to listen closely to your wishes. We offer a complimentary nighttime demo that lets you enjoy the vision of loveliness that makes your landscape uniquely beautiful. After we develop an agreement on the design for your lighting system, we ask you to sign the paperwork. Then we schedule your installation, and we start creating the vision you imagined. The magic may take a single day or several weeks, and we dedicate our efforts to exceeding your expectations.

We invite you to complete our online form and let us start to make your dream come true. We welcome your visit to us at our Bellevue address at 2018 156th Ave NE #259 at your convenience.


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