Should Outside Lights Be Left On At Night?

Should Outside Lights Be Left On At Night?


Proper exterior lighting can increase the security of your home, but does that mean always leaving your porch light on at night? Let’s take a look at the reasons you’d want to leave your porch light on, and the reasons you’d want to leave it off.

When to Leave the Porch Light on at Night

There are lots of good reasons to leave your porch light on at night. It potentially signals that someone is home, and it illuminates the area next to your front door so that you can look through your peephole and see anyone who might be there before opening your front door.

When someone in your home plans to return to the domicile after the sun goes down

If you have a roommate, teenage children or your spouse plans to return home after running errands or completing their work shit at night, it’s a good idea to leave the light on so that they can see the keyhole or keypad of your front door lock as well as the porch area.

When You’re Expecting a Delivery and the Driver Will Arrive at Night

If you’re expecting a package from a delivery service or a fast food delivery and the sun has already gone down or will be down by the time the delivery driver arrives, it’s a good idea to leave your porch light on. This allows the driver to see the numbers on your house as well as your porch so that they can leave your box or food in the correct location.

When You Have to Go out and Leave Your Older Children Home

To help your holder children feel more comfortable when you have to go out for a quick errand, leave the porch light on, as well as several other lights inside the house. This can help your children feel more secure in the home until you return.

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When to Turn the Porch Light Off at Night

You may be surprised to find out that there are a few good reasons to turn your porch lights off at night.

Turn the Light Off When You Leave for an Extended Period of Time

If you’re going on vacation or on a weekend getaway, leave the light off unless it’s attached to motion detectors. This is because leaving the light constantly on, even during the day, can indicate that you’re not at home.

Turn the Porch Light Off When You Turn In for the Night

As you prepare to go to bed and turn off all the lights in your home, also turn off the porch light. This can signal that someone is home because they are regularly turning the porch light on and off. Not to mention, it’s polite to your nearby neighbors. They don’t want your porch light shining in their bedroom window while they’re trying to sleep.

Leave the Porch Light Off if You’re Home Alone

You may think that turning on the porch light while you’re home alone and your spouse is out of the house is a good idea. After all, they need to see the porch to get back inside your home. However, if you do this regularly, burglars, who may be watching your house, can identify this pattern, and they’ll know your home alone. In this instance, you’d want to turn the light back on shortly before you expect your other family members to return.

Leave the Light Off if you Live in a Rural Area

If you’re the only home for blocks or miles, leave the exterior lights off. In rural areas, the light next to your front door can be seen for quite a distance, letting intruders and other people know that there is a home in the area. Leaving the light off means that even if they know where your home is, they’ll still stumble around in the dark while trying to get to your home. This noise can alert you that someone is in the area and approaching your home.

Home Security Camera

Increasing Home Security with Motion Detectors and Cameras

If you want to improve the safety and security of your home at night with exterior lights, you’re best to buy lights and exterior cameras that are attached to motion detectors. When you perform this step, your lights and cameras will only activate if there is movement near them. If you’re home and see an exterior light turn on, you’ll know that a person or animal has approached your home, and you can take the appropriate action.

Regularly turning the exterior lights of your home on and off can help improve the safety and security of your home and help you have more peace of mind. If you’re looking for high-quality exterior lighting that will improve your home’s curb appeal, allow you to fully enjoy your property during the day and night and improve safety and security, check out our exterior lighting services at Washington Outdoor Lighting.

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