Where To Place Landscape Lighting?

Where to place landscape lighting

Introduction to Landscape Lighting Landscape lighting is the final touch that gives your home an appealing glow after sunset. But it is not just about aesthetics; landscape lighting plays an integral role in how you enjoy your outdoor spaces. It’s about showcasing your home’s architectural features and your carefully tended garden, creating safe walking paths, […]

How Do I Choose An Exterior Light Color?

How Do I Choose An Exterior Light Color

Deciding on your exterior light color is one of the most important choices that you can make when planning how that exterior will appear.  With that said, keep in mind that these colors are tints that are generally not visible to the naked eye although the differences are more apparent when different colored tints are […]

How Much Does It Cost To Leave An Outside Light On All Night?

How Much Does It Cost To Leave An Outside Light On All Night

Lighten Up Your Wallet or Your Yard? A well-lit yard can be a source of comfort and security for many homeowners. But have you ever wondered, “How much does it will it cost me to leave an outside light on all night?” You’re not alone in your curiosity. In this article, we’ll delve into the […]

Can Landscape Lights Stay Out In Winter?

Can landscape lights stay out all winter

As winter approaches, homeowners may wonder whether their landscape lighting fixtures can withstand the cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Whether you want to light up your garden, walkway, or patio, landscape lighting can add an extra level of safety and beauty to your outdoor space. However, it’s important to know how to properly maintain […]

Should Outside Lights Be Left On At Night?

Should Outside Lights Be Left On At Night?

Proper exterior lighting can increase the security of your home, but does that mean always leaving your porch light on at night? Let’s take a look at the reasons you’d want to leave your porch light on, and the reasons you’d want to leave it off. When to Leave the Porch Light on at Night […]

How Do I Light My Dark Backyard?

How Do I Light My Dark Backyard

A dark backyard is gloomy. It’s also a possibly dangerous place for folks with nefarious intent to skulk. Lighting it will alleviate both of those issues. These are seven good ways to light it up. Security Lighting Security lighting is intermittent, usually powered by motion-detecting lamps. The idea is to mount these lights high off […]

What Is The Best Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

What is the best outdoor landscape lighting

Outdoor lighting provides an opportunity to expand the ambiance of a home beyond its walls. With its enhancement of a natural setting and the vibrant energy of a home, it highlights aesthetic aspects that may go unnoticed. The architectural details of a house can present attractive accents that deserve attention. Unique features can become focal […]

How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost?

How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost

Are you thinking of installing landscape lighting on your property? Planning this type of project involves understanding your budget. Therefore, it’s important to understand your options and the factors that influence the cost of landscape lighting.  Where and Why Do You Want Lighting? The first step in identifying how much landscape lighting costs is choosing […]

How Much Is Professional Landscape Lighting?

How Much Is Professional landscape lighting

Professionally installed landscape lighting transforms a home at night. Well-chosen and correctly installed lighting shows off a home’s best architectural features and makes it look warm and inviting to everyone. The right lighting system guides people who live or visit the property safely on driveways, walkways and other paths and in outdoors gathering spots like […]

Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Trends

Outdoor lighting trends

With the right outdoor lighting, your home can really, well, shine.  Above all, exterior lights provide safety. They make it easier to walk around at night without tripping and falling. They discourage burglars and vandals, who tend to have seasonal patterns. On top of that, outdoor lights can lend your home a lush radiance when […]