Washington Outdoor Lighting was founded with purpose of offering our clients a handcrafted Wow! Outdoor Lighting Experience! To do this we learned that it all has to start with our people. The core passion of Washington Outdoor Lighting is making goals and dreams a reality. This is pursed internally by providing our employees with as many tools as possible to grow professionally and personally. This is pursed externally by helping our clients fully see and experience their properties true value at night. We believe our people create our culture, our culture creates our brand and our brand creates our buisness. This all begins with our core values that we work hard to live by everyday.

Core Values


We believe that the quality of our people, products and designs are the backbone of our business and we are unwilling to compromise on the high standards we have set.


We respectfully do what we say we are going to do.


We believe in relentlessly pursuing goals and working very hard to accomplish our ambitions.


We believe in being unusually good at listening.


We believe in creating an outdoor lighting experience that is fun and enjoyable for our clients and our people.


Kyle McKelvy

Leah McKelvy

Jacob Covert

Chino Pumpelly

Courtney Villanueva

Tyson Christie